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Faronnia MU OnlineServer Info
Faronnia MU Online
MU Online version Season 3 Episode 1
Experience Rate: 100x
Item Drop: 50%
Max Resets: 50 / Max Grand Resets: 1

The ultimate classic MU Online MMORPG experience, remastered by the masters of the MU Online private server development community. Join us today!


Faronnia MU is a free to play Diablo2 inspired action/rpg online game which a team of talented fans and modders of the game have poured years of knowledge and passion into what we thought would be the best MU Online private server we could imagine, because we have loved this game for many years and were determined that we could do better than the original game, and revive this classic MMORPG to its full potential.


Our team was destined to undertake this glorious quest and sail in a unique direction with our MU Online server project. The result, a perfectly stable, flawless and bug free gameserver, with control over all original content of the game plus our own modifications.


Powered by 'Spirex MU' emulator, developped by Shatter.

Faronnia MU Online Faronnia MU Online
Faronnia Statistics
Total Accounts 886
Total Characters 102
Total Guilds 2
Total GameMasters 5
InGame 0
Active In 24 Hours 16


Name Level Email Skype Facebook
Milamber Administrator - - -
Spartakos Administrator - - -
Shatter GameMaster - - -
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