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BETA Server is back online - you can connect and play!

We are entering our final beta stages and have yet a few more things to test and fix. Please connect and help us test before grand opening in 2 weeks.

Also join our discord, that is the best way to get in touch with us!

Thanks for playing!

Added on : 13 / Jul / 2019 , 03:22 PM

Hello faronnians!


We are now running a Beta for anyone who wishes to connect and test the game.

You can download the 1.00.08 BETA client in its WinRAR format from the Downloads page. Please join our discord server to report any problems, we are still doing some fixes on the new anticheat system, which has been reported to cause some issues already on some systems.

We are looking to fix all of this within the next few days.

We have started advertising the server, and are continueing to do so until launch date. To all the new players signing up to the game, hello and welcome!


Server will be officially opening in a month on 01.08.2019

Added on : 03 / Jul / 2019 , 01:50 PM

Faronnia MU is opening 01.08.2019

Sign up / register your account now to earn 500 free WebCredits before server launch.

Invite friends with our Referral System (50 credits per successful invite).

The first 50 players to reach Level 400 and make their 1st reset will be rewarded with 3000 WebCredits.


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Added on : 27 / Jun / 2019 , 12:58 PM
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