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To celebrate our 100 days anniversary,

we have increased EXP , ITEM DROP, EX ITEM DROP.

Ribbon Box, Chocolate Box and Candy Box are now turned on and will drop ingame from monsters.


We will also run some other events to try and give a celebration worthy of our community.


I am currently working on a top secret thing for the server, before we re-organize and schedule yet again the 1st Castle Siege on Faronnia MU ^^


We should have had Castle Siege last month... I understand.
Complications caused this to be extremely delayed.

Give us just a bit more time and we will re-schedule and organizing this thing properly now that my local internet network setup has been fixed and it seems to be stable and ok now.

Thank you for your patience and for your understanding.


Added on : 15 / Nov / 2019 , 02:10 AM


Link : https://www.strawpoll.me/18856905


This is the final poll deciding the defitive day and time for the upcoming Castle Siege event.

Added on : 28 / Oct / 2019 , 11:44 AM
Server version patched to 1.00.14
Please run the client launcher for auto-update.
If updater/launcher fails, you can download
and intsall the patch manually from here:
Regarding to Castle Siege, we ask all participating guilds to form their alliances and hostilities, this is required for Castle Siege and we cannot proceed until this has been done by the Guild Masters.
We will be uploading a poll where you can vote for your preferred day and time for Castle Siege. Again, we apologize for having delayed this event so much.
That's all for now, thank you for playing Faronnia MU!
Added on : 24 / Oct / 2019 , 09:05 PM

We are sorry for the 3 days server and website downtime.

To compensate players, we will have a EXP and ITEM DROP Boost event this weekend until Monday.

Also, we regret to inform you that we must move CASTLE SIEGE to next week.... We will talk with you, the players, to find the best day and time.

Added on : 18 / Oct / 2019 , 10:57 PM

The gameserver is back up, you can now connect and play.


What has been fixed:

  • Erohim boss monster item drop
  • New start level after reset is now Level 10
  • Critical bug with /addstats command (thank you shiftazz!)


Castle Siege is now setup, and the cycle for guild participation has started.

Guildsmen, prepare to put yourselves on the lines of battle to claim the fortress of Loren! The CASTLE SIEGE event is configured to run through a 7 days cycle which we can manipulate and edit if need be, at the participating members' convenience.



SUNDAY 13/10/2019 , in 2 days from now!


 1 - Registration of Castle Siege
 2 - Idle State
 3 - Registration of Mark of Lord items
// 4 - Idle State
// 5 - Notification of the attack Castle to guilds
// 6 - Reading the state of Castle Siege
// 7 - Top of Castle Siege
// 8 - End of Castle Siege

More information available : https://wiki.faronnia.com/muonline_castlesiege.html

Added on : 11 / Oct / 2019 , 07:18 PM

We will organise this event further with the community on Discord.

Added on : 03 / Oct / 2019 , 07:08 PM

Help us grow server population by voting at https://faronnia.com/vote-reward

x3 webcredits reward for a limited time only!


What is coming next to Faronnia MU:

  1. More BK spots
  2. More GMs and GM Events
  3. Castle Siege
  4. EX Rings and Pendants
  5. Red Dragon and Erohim item drop fix


Latest completed updates:

  1. Fixed Grand Reset system
  2. Added Newbie Elf Buff NPC (can use until lvl300)
  3. Lowered zen price of character resets
  4. Fixed party exp formula
  5. Rebalanced STR magic gladiator class


Thank you for playing Faronnia MU

Added on : 02 / Oct / 2019 , 01:31 AM

Hello faronnians!

We are currently running a promotional event,

and we are rewarding all new players with:

  • 500 webcredits
  • 3 epic boxes
  • 5 BOK+1
  • 4 BOK+2
  • 3 BOK+3


If you are a new player, you can claim your 'NEWBIE STARTER PACK' only after you have created your characters ingame on your account, otherwise this will not work.


To claim your Newbie Starter Pack, simply message us on:

Discord  https://discord.gg/3gf7yFb


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/faronniamythmu


Web ticket support  https://faronnia.com/support

Added on : 24 / Aug / 2019 , 10:12 AM

SATURDAY - You can download the game client.
SUNDAY - Server opens at 12:00 GMT+1

Webshop and GOLD Memberships will NOT be available until Friday.

Thank you!

~FaronniaMU Team

Added on : 02 / Aug / 2019 , 12:36 PM
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