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We just finished a quick 30min server maintenance to add the following features to the gameservers:

  1. Grand Reset system not working as intended, disabled until fixed!
  2. Increase MAX STATS from 25,000 to 28,000
  3. Rebalanced Magic Gladiator STR-based damage formula
  4. Modified Devias-1 again with a beautiful new area


Please run the Launcher for the 1.00.12 update.

Remember, if the Launcher auto-update does not work on your computer, download and install the patch manually from https://faronnia.com/muclient/up_list.zip


If we find any problems with the Grand Reset system, we will fix as soon as possible and of course fix the characters of any affected players.


Thank you, see you ingame!

Added on : 12 / Sep / 2019 , 09:07 PM

Hello faronnians!


Here is what we have planned for Monday:

  • Server maintenance : FINISHED
  • GRAND RESET disabled, is not available. We need to fix and reconfigure our Grand Reset system.
  • Some players have been experiencing problems with progression system (related to zen and reset configurations). We will fix the characters of affected players, and we will be trying to work out a solution for these recent problems.
  • LOREN ATTACK EVENT is now open! Automated gameserver event where monsters invade VALLEY OF LOREN map, good for exp, jewel drops and other high level item drops from high level monsters.


CryWolf Fortress Invasion event will be delayed by a few more weeks, we still do not have enough active players for us to open this multiplayer event.


That is all for now friends!

Join our discord community : https://discord.gg/3gf7yFb

Join our facebook fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/faronniamythmu/


Thank you for playing Faronnia MU!

Added on : 08 / Sep / 2019 , 11:32 AM

Hello faronnians!


Server maintenance finished, candy box event item drop is now turned off, and the exp rates have returned to normal. However, we have enabled the /skin command for all players to use freely for a limited ammount of time, so enjoy it!


Please run the Launcher to update your client files to version 1.00.11.

If the Launcher does not work for you, download and install the patch manually from here: https://faronnia.com/muclient/patch1.00.11.zip




Enjoy the new Devias guild house !

Thank you for playing Faronnia MU.

Added on : 02 / Sep / 2019 , 09:56 AM

Latest server changelog updates:

  1. Updated all Jewel Sell prices (more info on Discord )
  2. Added 'BK' spots to Tarkan1, Tarkan2 and Icarus
  3. Added Tarkan GOLDEN MONSTER spawns


On Friday, we will be opening some ingame events such as:

  2. Candy Box and Chocolate Box event drops
  3. 2nd Official 'Custom' Uniria Race


We are nearing the end of the month...

On the 1st of September we need your help with voting on MMO Topsites, we will TRIPLE the webcredits reward ammount for a few days so that players feel motivated to take a few minutes of their time to VOTE 4 US . This helps us bring more players to the server, so we really do ask for your help with this!



Thank you for playing Faronnia MU!

Added on : 29 / Aug / 2019 , 12:48 PM

Hello faronnians!

We are currently running a promotional event,

and we are rewarding all new players with:

  • 500 webcredits
  • 3 epic boxes
  • 5 BOK+1
  • 4 BOK+2
  • 3 BOK+3


If you are a new player, you can claim your 'NEWBIE STARTER PACK' only after you have created your characters ingame on your account, otherwise this will not work.


To claim your Newbie Starter Pack, simply message us on:

Discord  https://discord.gg/3gf7yFb


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/faronniamythmu


Web ticket support  https://faronnia.com/support

Added on : 24 / Aug / 2019 , 10:12 AM

SATURDAY - You can download the game client.
SUNDAY - Server opens at 12:00 GMT+1

Webshop and GOLD Memberships will NOT be available until Friday.

Thank you!

~FaronniaMU Team

Added on : 02 / Aug / 2019 , 12:36 PM
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