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Hello Faronnians!


Unfortunately, we have caused a massive rift in our community with recent bugs, technical problems and this month's last 'soft' database wipe. We tried to make it fair for old and new player, and we failed.


We have cleared more than 50% of reported technical problems, bugs and glitches.

We have yet to fix a few more critical bugs, including the failed CPU and Memory usage optimization we tried to implement (it caused some users to have their game run under 20 fps!)


Our final decision on the server:

We are temporarily closed/offline until we finish our fixes and re-configurations, and have decided to wipe characters and items (you will keep your accounts), and we will reward our currently existing players with a free gold membership extension as well as 2000 free web credits. We are very sorry if you have lost your guild, and hours of gameplay, but this is the best step forwards for our MU server.



We thank you for playing, and will keep you updated here, on Facebook and on Discord about our progress. Thank you for believing in us.

Added on : 16 / Oct / 2018 , 03:52 PM

The gameserver is Offline until next week, we are fixing some critical bugs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Added on : 12 / Oct / 2018 , 03:06 PM

We had to disconnect and restart our gameservers late Sunday night, and wish to apologise for the problems regarding moving to crywolf and valley of loren, as well as the recent bugs regarding the vault/warehouse system.


We have temporarily disabled access to the extra vaults/warehouses until we have fixed it and made it fully functional.


We are sorry for the problem, it will all be solved early this week.

Thank you for playing Faronnia MU Online!

Added on : 08 / Oct / 2018 , 02:41 AM
For new members who had download the new 1.00.06 client,
you could not connect to game before with Launcher.
The problem has been fixed, you do not need to download anything new,
just run the launcher again and the game should work just fine.
Thank you and enjoy the game!
Added on : 05 / Oct / 2018 , 02:00 PM
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