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Hello faronnians!


We are launching tomorrow, just as planned.

Friday 21st - 14:00 GMT/UTC Timezone


Account registration will be opened tomorrow.

I am uploading the game client installer later today, and the database will be wiped before launch of course.


We decided on setting the experience rate to 300x.


We are still a little weak with our advertising, so help us out bros!

Help us advertise: http://faronnia.forumclan.com/t162-help-us-advertise-faronnia-mu

Voting every day on our topsites helps a lot too!


Thanks again for believing.

Hoping to see you in-game soon!

- Milamber

Added on : 20 / Apr / 2017 , 12:24 PM

Apologies to our private beta/early-access guests, server was offline for a few hours.  It is back up and running now, so you can connect and play if you want.


I have had 2 sleepless nights, and am feeling rather quite unwell today, so not much work or anything is happening today.


I will be kind of active on forums and on our Discord channel if anybody wishes to contact me.


Thanks, and sorry for lack of proper updates and news today.


Added on : 17 / Apr / 2017 , 12:46 PM

Hello faronnians!


Caught a bug on our new anticheat client extension with Windows XP, so trying to fix this before we upload the client.


Today I am preparing our Mu Server Adevertisement post, which I will be bombarding the interwebs with in a few days. We will also be advertising on Facebook and Youtube, but need that AD post for the MU Online specialized advertising forums, such as Ragezone.com


I noticed through our web statistics that a lot of you are visiting our website lately :) I am happy that the word is spreading about our server launch.


The current estimated Date of Opening is Friday 21 April 2017

So that's in 1 week from now. We've yet to fix a time.


Thank you for believing, and thank you for your patience, we only ask a little bit more of it!

In the meantime, why not sign up onto our forum and introduce yourself?


Added on : 15 / Apr / 2017 , 09:56 AM

Alright guys. This is it.

Gameserver/Client/Web 100% Completed


It took us years, but development period is finished. The ultimate MU Online server is ready to launch, we are preparing to do this within the next few days! More information will be disclosed soon with specific Day and Time of our Grand Opening!


Account registration will be opened soon, and our Game Client will be made available for download.


Thanks everybody for your patience and your interest.

I will be posting news every day from now until launch.


Added on : 13 / Apr / 2017 , 05:40 PM

Hello faronnians!


 It has been a long and difficult journey, but we are just days away from launching our ultimate MU Online server. Faronnia MU is finally happening!


Our website was bugged to hell for a few days. Its back up now and seems to be functioning properly. I am configuring it today, should be done in a few hours.


The gameserver is ready, we will be making the Game Client downloads available within the next few days.


For now, here is a little something to get you excited!



We are launching soon!

Thanks again for your time and interest!

Added on : 12 / Apr / 2017 , 10:39 AM
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