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We have recently re-opened our website here at Faronnia.com , and have launched a Kickstarter campaign as well as some low-level advertising on facebook, instagram, youtube and google.

Account Registration and Game Download are currently UNAVAILABLE.

We are still testing the newly patch game client and its new Liveguard Anticheat system, and have a couple of more fixes to do on the website.

We thank you for your patience,

Faronnia's GRAND OPENING is currently estimated to be the 1st of AUGUST 2018.

Join the conversation today on our Discord server, and please consider chipping in as little as £1 to our Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you.

Added on : 29 / Jun / 2018 , 01:49 PM

Link :  Faronnia EPIC MMORPG - Kickstarter Campaign

Launched today, funding will last until the 27th of July next month.

Funding goal: $2000


Rewards for funding the project:

Added on : 27 / Jun / 2018 , 09:34 PM

Added on : 26 / Jun / 2018 , 03:13 AM

Here we are folks, just a few steps away before relaunching Faronnia MU.

We currently have yet to patch in the new version of Liveguard Anticheat security into the game client, and we have yet 2 more bugs to fix here on the website.

When these issues have been sorted out, we will be running a very short privatye closed beta, and then we will begin our advertising campaign 1 week before we launch.

People have started joining the Discord, and I invited you to do the same too!

Once again, thank you for your patience.

Added on : 24 / Jun / 2018 , 03:36 PM

Relaunching this summer 2018, more information will be available soon, currently we are under a heavy workload to get this project finalized.


Thank you for your patience!

Added on : 04 / Jun / 2018 , 11:51 PM
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